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How We Can Help You - Investment Services Center

Our Services

Client Centered

We provide our clients with individualized comprehensive financial planning services and investment advice based on their financial and life goals, as well as their stage of the investment journey.  Planning services include disciplines like investment allocation, retirement planning, education planning, estate planning, and insurance needs analysis.  We employ the latest technology to optimize our services.

Our desire is to establish relationships with clients that are interested in planning for their long-term goals.  Our ideal client is interested in partnering with a trusted advisor to accomplish those goals through professional planning and investment discipline.

Financial Planning

Individualized personal financial planning can provide direction and meaning to your entire life.  It allows you to understand how the financial decisions you make affect other areas of your life.

We provide our clients with individualized comprehensive financial planning services and investment advice based on their goals, objectives and risk tolerance.  We take a big picture view of your financial situation and make financial planning recommendations that are suitable for you.  It is this approach to your goals and objectives that sets us apart from other advisors who may have been trained to focus on a single aspect of your finances.

Our knowledge and experience across all of the disciplines of financial planning makes us a truly holistic planning practice.

Fees and Pricing

We believe in mutual trust and understanding, so here at Investment Services Center we have a transparent compensation policy.  Advisory fees are based on specific services provided or a percentage of assets under advisement.  When commission products are recommended, our clients are provided with a full disclosure of the compensation.

Comprehensive Financial Plans:

Services include the collection and review of your current financial information, a thorough discussion of your goals and objectives, and an analysis of your risk tolerance, the creation of your personal financial plan, and help with the implementation of your plan.

Assets Under Advisement:

Fees are based on the balance of the investment account(s) within the household under management at the end of each quarter (excluding cash).  Investment clients receive our comprehensive financial planning services at no extra charge as part of this service.  

All fees are agreed to in advance. Your fee will reflect the scope of advice and services your particular situation requires.

Our goal is to help you adapt to life's changes and feel confident about the decisions you make.
For more information about our firm and the services we offer, send us a quick email or call the office. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

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